About Us

Welcome to the academy's information page. Here you will find answers too many of the questions you may have about training with us. As always, feel free to contact us regarding any specific questions you may have and we would be happy to assist you.

Do you address both stand up and ground fighting?
Yes of course, it is the reality of the world we live in and therefore we must deal with both of these elements. Our philosophy on the ground is much different than say Brazillian Ju-Jitsu. Since we are not concerned with "sport" we do not engage in submission grappling, or wrestling matches on the ground. Instead, we use counter grappling mechanics to deal with the situation and get back to our feet as soon as possible. We train for reality and that means that there is a possibility of multiple attacker threats, so it just makes no sense to be on the ground any longer than necessary.

How are you different from other Martial Arts?
Here there are no illusions, no katas or rituals, simply put no non-sense. We base our mechanics on natural instinctive movements that are easily understood and does not take 5-10 years to be able to use under stress. Our reality-based systems are designed to teach real self-defense and build big ability fast!

Do you have tournaments?
No, we do not have tournaments, unlike some arts, we do not teach a sport.

Can I come in and watch a class?
Absolutely, just email or call us and let us know when you would like to come in. We prefer you either watch or participate in a class prior to starting. We believe in providing our students all the information possible for them to make an informed decision about their training.

What's a typical student like, will I fit in?
We attract a wide variety of men/women who share the desire to increase their self-confidence and ability to realistically defend themselves and their loved ones. Participants typically include Military and Law Enforcement personnel, homemakers, high school/college students, athletes, artists, professionals, etc.

"Our goal is to get you home safe each night."

I'm new to all this, is that ok?
Actually it's PERFECT. Having no experience means that your a "blank slate" and have no bad habits to unlearn which actually puts you several steps ahead!

Do you have different training levels?
Yes, the system has 9 color levels and then black level ranks (they help us denote topic an subject matter). Unlike in traditional systems, belts are not worn here, but instead we use silicon wrist bands to denote student achievement. Rank is completely optional, some wish to test and have feedback, some do not and we respect this. At the end of the day, we are all about offering you real world solutions and work with each student to help them meet their personal goals. That said, the A.C.W.A ranking colors are listed below:

Rank BandsGreen (9-7) - Blue (6-4) - Brown (3-1) - Black (1,2,3)





What if I'm not in the greatest physical shape right now?
Don't worry about it, our mechanics are designed to teach everybody how to defend themselves. Nobody should avoid learning how to defend themselves just because they're not an athlete. All students will get in better shape during the course; you will increase your power, endurance, speed, awareness and self-confidence. Many students build functional strength and lose a lot of weight!

When are your classes and how do they work?
Unlike most schools, you can jump around in our schedule and pick the time that works best for you each week! Most people fall into a pattern that fits their schedule, but know this is an option and also helps if you need to make up any missed classes!

Our schedule can be found by CLICKING HERE and going to our Times/Location page.

Do you publish a Newsletter?
Yes, fill out the form below and click "Submit" and we'll add you to the list.