A.C.W.A. Combatives

What is A.C.W.A. Combatives?

A.C.W.A. Combatives is a Non-Sport, reality based, street self defense system heavily rooted in advanced WWII Combatives concepts, human biomechanics and the real life experiences of its' founder. It was created to explore and test the most efficient and intelligent methods of problem solving possible in regards to mentally and physically violent confrontations. With this in mind, the program explains the interaction of psychological concepts with the understanding of our body's natural actions and reactions under the stress of violence. The synthesis of these concepts allows us to quickly take the student to a whole new level of functional ability.

Weapons Defense

We live in a weapon centric culture, so we must train and understand these variables or we will get beat by them. In the street, expect the other person(s) to be armed so we must train with this in mind. There are five major weapon categories and we will explore each of them in detail so you know what to expect.

Low Light Training

Many attacks occur in less than ideal lighting, so we must be able to function in this type of environment. Knowing what to do in these situations builds confidence in our ability to deal with anything life may throw at us. This is a massive variable that few people train for and is another way we stand out in the world of reality based personal defense. The image above shows part of the lighting rig we use at A.C.W.A. World HQ to simulate altered light environments (like bars,clubs,dances,concerts,etc...) This type of training in not just fun, it is also a necessity for you as it provides a well rounded understanding of what mechanics work and which do not.

Urban EDC / Improvised Weapons

EDC or Every Day Carry items are things you have on your person that can be uses at a moments notice for person defense. Our students will learn to use tools such as pocket knives, pens, keys, cellphones, etc. and do so under stress conditions. The student will come to realize that there is little difference between properly applied unarmed mechanics and using these urban tools. This realization opens up new and amazing possibilities for discovery and investigation.


"...providing intelligent, instinctive, real world solutions."

What does this program include?

Our combatives program stretches the entire span of the use of force continuum and as such, deals with a expansive array of topics from psychological tactics to resistant subject control from improvised and urban weapons to classical weapons, from counter grappling & weapons disarms to hand-to-hand to multiple attacker scenarios. What this means is that we educate our students on how they can operate at the force level necessary to deal with the situation at hand and give them the tools to make that a reality!

Two examples of our vertical counter grappling mechanics are listed below!

Breaking the headlockBreaking out of a side headlock, as seen below, is an example of some of the vertical COUNTER GRAPPLING that is taught in A.C.W.A. Combatives. We start with the understanding that things can and do go wrong, even with the best plans and training. With this key fact in mind, our methods allow you swift extrication from some potentially deadly tangles and gives you a bridge to cross to your next response.


The Head Rip as seen below, is a A.C.W.A. Combatives mechanic that disrupts the attackers balance. To act from a position of power we must first establish our balance while taking the balance from the opposition (this applies to physical as well as verbal confrontations). Understanding this mechanic allows us to gain the upper hand in a disparity of force situation.