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"The Ronin" - Tactical Flute
Modern Materials, Classic Tone, Improvised Utility

tactical flute "The Ronin - Tactical Flute" is an idea born out of the desire for a robust flute that could be taken anywhere. We needed something that would stand up to the harsh conditions that would destroy most wood flutes. After a good amount of research and testing, we have developed a flute that we feel balances our client's needs in terms of appearance, weight, durability, and utility.

A Ronin was a Samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period (11851868) in Japan. The Samurai started to carry flutes since they could no longer carry their swords by government decree. Ingeniously the Ronin made flutes out of the root stock of bamboo and thus could also use it as an impact tool for protection when necessary.

The Tone:
- The tone is inspired by the Japanese Shakuhachi.
- Sounds deep, rich, and meditative.
- Set in a pentatonic scale of 1 1/2 octaves.

The Design:
- Transverse (side blown) flute.
- Made from a water grade nontoxic plastic.
- Tactical rich flat black color.
- Black flat wrapped 550 cord is used for grip.
- The front of the flute is cut at an angle for "utility."
- A nod to tradition with a flared end, sealed with stained oak plug.
- A subtle 'anti-roll' bend signature feature.

The Benefits:
- 100% handmade in the USA.
- Maintenance free, will not crack, chip or warp like wooden flutes.
- Optional custom black marine vinyl flute bag for easy carry.
- It looks so awesome your friends will be jealous!


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