What is A.C.W.A. Street Applications?
The A.C.W.A. Street Applications Program gives you the opportunity to learn and apply the real world self defense concepts of A.C.W.A. Combatives in various street scenarios. That means you'll learn how to deal with multiple attackers, restricted positions, knife and gun situations, and more! This class will help you to learn and be able to realistically, yet safely push yourself so you know what you have learned will function when it matters most!

Who is this for?
This program is for responsible adults who are simply looking to get home safe every night. If you want to burn some major calories while pressure testing real world personal defense solutions in a dynamic environment this is for you! NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

Why should I train in this manner?
The reality is that there is a good chance that everything you've ever seen, heard or trained in with regards to self defense is completely wrong and won't function in the street. We are here to change all that by instilling you with the mindset, tactics, skills and tools you need to deal with lifes many challenges. As the adage goes: better to have it and not need it than to NEED it one day and not have it!

Where do you train?
We train both inside and outside our academy to give the students the experiences they need that will keep them safe in the real world.

"...there is a good chance that everything you've ever seen, heard or trained in with regards to self defense is completely wrong... "

We put SAFETY first!
It's important to note here, that while we like to RAMP IT UP, we do so in a controlled fashion putting safety first. You always go at a pace that you and your training partners are comfortable with. High Gear Suits We use pads and gloves when appropriate and even have High Gear Suits (as is shown to the left) for training when we want to take things to the next level. Training does have its share of bumps and bruses, just as with any contact activity, but know we put your saftey above all else. In this manner you can learn, have a great time and build your confidence and skills all at the same time!

What does this program include?
The following is a quick summary, not a fully inclusive list of the variables the A.C.W.A. Street Applications Program addresses.

  • Multiple Attackers (2 on 1, 3 on 1, or more!)
  • Low Light (works in club, bar & street lighting)
  • Restricted Positions (against a car, wall, etc.)
  • Concealed Weapons (answers to when they pull a blade!)
  • Improvised Tools (in a pinch, equalize the situation)
  • Combative Psychology (Making the attackers run from you!)
  • Environment (dealing with hard or uneven terrain)
  • Body language (Expressing that you are a hard target)
  • Gross Motor (skills that function under stress)