Tactical Applications Program (T.A.P.)

Reality is highly dynamic, you will be drawing your firearm, moving, fixing malfunctions, taking cover, etc.. all under high levels of stress. Most people never get to train these skills as they are not safe to do on a static gun range. With this disconnect in mind, we have created what we call A.C.W.A. - T.A.P. (Tactical Applications Program), which consists of real world applications of dry fire drills and scenario based interactions. These drills work to instill and hone these missing skills, creating a firm & safe foundation for you to work from. You can see some basic fundamental drills in the video clip above, this is only the beginning.

I'm a beginner, is this safe?
YES, completely safe, no live ammo is used and you will go at YOUR own pace. We use training firearms (SIRT's, blue guns, etc.) to ensure the greatest level of safety while engaging the student in a wide variety of drills and real world situations, immersing them in the training experience. A computer system is used to monitor targets and provide visual and audible feedback on shots and timing of the shots you make. This functionality takes dryfire training to an entirely new level!

Are there compromises with using trainers?
Yes, but smart ones and they make a lot of sense. This is why many law enforcement agencies are adopting this exact same technology and training system. Here is a list of advantages this type of training affords you.


- No ammo cost
- No range cost
- No cleaning time
- No recoil, this helps the beginners with fundamentals
- No chance of negligent discharges
- Visual and auditory feedback
- No mess or clean up
- Repetition allows proper neural connections to form
- 100's of drills to build your skills

"Tactics provide us both time and opportunity. Something we all need dearly when trying to problem solve in a real life situation where things happen rapidly and the clock is ticking."

What if I am new to all this?
No prior experience is necessary, but even if you have experience, you will get some great practical trigger time in. After all its the fundamentals you NEED to train so you have the skills to do what you WANT to train.

What is a normal class like?
Once a month, every month we will book a 2 hour session for the group and go over a variety of topics and drills that will allow you to gain and hone your ability with a firearm in a real world situation.

What topics will we cover?
Summary of Course Contents:
- Firearms safety
- How and why the firearm functions as it does
- Fundamentals of shooting
- Safe handling and movement drills
- Stance, presentation, and grip
- Proper drawing & presentation of the firearm
- Instinctive point shooting
- Shooting from different positions
- High volume dryfire drills
- Drawing under stress
- Drawing from concealment
- Concealed carry considerations
- Shooting around barriers
- Speed & Tactical Reloading
- Dynamic movement
- Scenarios
- and much more!
How do I start?
We offer these classes monthly, so call: 469-939-2462 or email: info@Combativewarriorarts.com for more information.

Can I book a custom seminar instead?
Yes, we can easily accomidate seminars for your group, just contact us and we would be happy to speak with you about how we can meet your training needs.