What our students are saying about us:

"Since I joined the ACWA, I have been amazed by what I've learned. This is a class that teaches you things that you can apply to the real world not just in class. The atmosphere is great. Everyone is encouraging, upbeat, and excited to be there. The class is also adaptable to everyone. Each person can find movements that work for them and ways to utilize their strengths and discover and improve their weaknesses. We learn real world practical self defense and after just a month I already feel more confident because I am able to protect myself. I think that everyone should have the experience of taking this class."    Madeline N.

"What really sets the A.C.W.A. apart from other organizations that teach self defense is the understanding that self defense is practical only when it can be learned quickly and efficiently. Where many martial arts studios limit you to what you can learn in a certain amount of time, the instruction here at the A.C.W.A. is designed to teach as much as you can learn in as little or as much time as you need. I now feel much safer when I go out knowing what I've learned. Excellent instructors, practical and effective lessons, at a very reasonable rate make this program one of a kind. Time and money well spent!" ." Emily W.

"The ACWA is awesome! I have a varied background in the martial arts, but this group is something different. The techniques Justin teaches, and the mind set behind them, are simple and effective. In a "traditional" martial art, these skills are viewed as very advanced and generally not taught until the black belt level, if at all. It blew me a way that someone would teach them in my very first class! I have been in and out of the martial arts all of my life. Tae Kwon do, Thai Boxing, Aikido, Capoeira, MMA...You name it, I did it...I spent a lot of time and money trying to find something that made sense. No long katas, no fancy moves. Something that just worked when you needed it. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to the ACWA! I learned more practical skills in my first few months there than in 14 years worth of traditional training. Now I know I can take care of my self when the $hit hits the fan. I have the knowledge, the skills, and the fitness to take care of myself and my family. But the most important thing the ACWA taught me was how to keep myself out of bad situations. Justin's classes on "situational awareness" are worth the price of admission alone. Why don't other schools teach this? It is the most important information anyone, martial artist or not, can have. That knowledge alone could save your life. I wish I had found Justin and the ACWA years ago. He would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. I HIGHLY recommend them!"    Ryan C.

"I have been a team member of A.C.W.A since January and I have learned so much. Each week I look forward to coming and bettering my skills. You learn the tools to defend from things that happen in real life situations. The instructors are super helpful and they make it easy to learn. The class can be intense sometimes but Justin makes it a fun atmosphere to train. This is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone."    Margaret W.

"I have had self defense training in the past...a little kick boxing and even some karate. But nothing compares to what I have learned in just a couple months with A.C.W.A. Combatives. This class is fun and with some role play it allows you to help retain what is taught. Because my job is located in an unsavory location the real world issues with real world techniques that Justin teaches have helped me feel more confident in how to try to avoid an ugly situation, and if unavoidable how to protect myself. All the instructors have worked with me to show me different ways to handle grabs, situations, and to help me improve myself every step of the way. I have been taking classes now for only 2 months and have also lost 12lbs which has added to me feeling great and looking better than ever! I recommend Justin Everman's A.C.W.A. Combatives course no matter male or female, height or weight... There is definitely something for everyone and Justin and his instructors are great at helping you not only feel like you fit in, but helping you find your comfort level."  Kristie D.

"It seems I attract the wrong sort of people, those who want to try to take advantage of me, follow me home, etc. Thus far I have been lucky, nothing has escalated to be physical in nature, but I knew if I did not do something, eventually my luck would run out. I started looking for answers, but found mostly "martial arts" stuff that would take me years of practice and did not look real practical anyway. I ended up searching "self defense" and found the A.C.W.A. website and decided to give them a call. I was a bit nervous; this was new to me, but I decided what the hell ;-) Everyone was really nice and the class went at a pace that I could really learn at. I now understand a bit more about the reality of what I can personally can and cannot do (I'm pretty small so throwing you is out, but I have some really sharp elbows that I was shown how to use to my advantage, etc.) I feel comfortable with everyone here and I get the opportunity to train with both men and women. Anyways, I don't think there are a lot of classes that offer this amount of all encompassing material. I don't know any martial arts teacher that takes their class to a shooting range and brings their gun to class to make sure we know how to make it safe. So if you are like me and want real life skills and practical self defense that you can ACTUALLY use in a short amount of time, then give them a call, I'm glad I did."    Gigi W.

"This is a great class for anyone with a willingness to be prepared for a situation where you may have to rely on yourself alone to protect you and your loved ones. I'm just a regular guy and I have no aspirations to be the next mixed martial arts champion so this class is perfect for me. The focus of the classes cover a wide variety of topics such as strikes, defensive positions, handling weapon threats and also encompasses the psychological aspects of confrontation. All the topics are always grounded in the "real world" where there is no soft mat or referee. We have a wide range of students both male and female, young and young at heart. Justin is an easy going instructor and makes class fun but challenging with his passion for the subject. I urge you to come check out a session and decide for yourself."    Cory M.

"After doing a good amount of research on several different styles of self defense and attending a trial class. I was immediately impressed with what I saw and since my main goal is more about defending myself and my loved ones in real world situations than it is about winning trophies, I knew this was where I wanted to be. As a beginner it's great to know that Justin trains in such a way that I'm able to keep up while the more experienced students don't seem to be slowed down or held back. If I have questions about certain moves/techniques, they not only get answered but demonstrated as well. Something else I've noticed is that students of other styles join and talk about how they've learned to very easily layer these new techniques on top of what they already know. I would say that regardless of your prior training and/or level of expertise, you should definitely come check out A.C.W.A., you will definitely be happy you did."    Jason F.

"Never in my life have I been able to learn any form of self defense. I have tried it all from Kung-Fu to Tae Kwon Do to MMA and failed each time due to the fact that I could never learn forms, which to me, were simply useless. At a free MMA meetup group, I ran into Justin Everman as he was invited there to show his art. Wow! I was so impressed and I learned in that one night! Being 5 foot nothing and 95-100 lbs kind of makes me a target to men and bigger girls. Let's just say that if you have no confidence and have a learning curve like I do, then this is the ONLY way to learn the best real life self defense in the real world."   Shana T.

"As an avid student of self defense and the education of personal self protection I have studied traditional martial arts as well as military tactics. It was very clear to me on my first visit that Justin and A.C.W.A. were doing something no one else was doing and that was giving people the knowledge they need to protect not only themselves but others as well. Nothing fancy , just getting down to business and getting immediate clear results that work everywhere in the world we live in today! Personally I will not waste anymore of my time going anywhere else. A.C.W.A. is clearly the best choice for getting the tools necessary for self protection."   Royce P.

"As former LEO and studying multiple systems, I can say that this is the best school of training I have seen. There is something here for everyone!"   Colt F.

"After doing various other martial arts for about seven years. Three months after joining, I had overwrote nearly all of my previous training with better, more applicable techniques. Everything just makes sense."    Luke B.

"Through some changes in my life, I searched for a different style and was referred to the A.C.W.A. as an alternative to the traditional martial arts. I found that the A.C.W.A. Combatives training takes the fundamentals of what works from many styles and creates what I like to called an applied sciences of martial arts. This is training in a real setting with different variables so you work with your instincts instead of a technique. You learn to defend under pressure and how the body reacts when you perform the techniques. Whether you are young, small, overweight, short, tall, in shape, older, have training or no training this academy has answers that will work for you. I strongly recommend this academy as the training is applicable to reality."  John T.

"The class is informative and fun; I' ve studied martial arts before, and before I discovered this class, I expected to have to bounce around in various disciplines to get everything offered here. The moves taught are the most effective I've seen, and Justin adds psychology to make them--and you--even more effective. "    Michele N.

" I had to tell you about my first chance to use my new A.C.W.A. Combatives training in a real world scenario! You often speak about a "force escalation" ladder, and that there are many scenarios where an all out maximum force effort is not appropriate. These may indeed be more likely, and training for lower force options will come in just as handy. It did for me. I was at a Halloween Party in a crowded Dallas Dance Club, just like one of the A.C.W.A. training environments! One of my friends had a new acquaintance with her. Due to the loudness of the club and the large amount of people, I was unable to know whether this person was a part of our group. He was (presumably) drunk and he quickly approached me and grabbed my shoulder in a very rough and dominant way. His intentions were unclear, was he a friend or foe? So I jerked my right arm up in the A.C.W.A. cover position and checked his arm with my elbow. It was almost automatic. He stepped back, and I raised both hands in my "fence" position. Sure enough he attempted to cross into my zone again, but this time to strike me in my side or rear. I shouted at him to step back. He did so, and realized I was not messing around. He gave me a wide berth after that, and I didn't see much of him again. What were his intentions? I still don't know. But I was able to take a "cloudy" physical interaction and deescalate it in a way where if it turns out he was just a "friend" under the influence, I didn't hurt him, but if he was a foe, he would move on. Thanks Guys!"    Mark D.

"I'm a single dad to a 6 year old girl. I joined the academy for a fun way to stay active and learn how to better defend myself and my family. The academy teaches real solutions that anyone can use for self defense. You don't need to be coordinated or have any martial arts experience to learn this. I highly recommend giving them a call and trying out a class! You won't be disappointed. "    Alan S.

"As a single mom I feel completely safe and equipped to protect myself and my children knowing the skills of A.C.W.A. I highly recommend this class for ALL women!!!"
Stephanie F.

"All throughout my life I have both admired and practiced martial Arts in various forms. Being new to the area and finally settling down after 6 moves in the past 4 years (military life) I wanted to engage and dedicate myself to martial arts once again BUT wanted to learn a different style that would both challenge and educate me further from what I have already learned/ practiced. After numerous Google searches I stumbled across the A.C.W.A. website and found the "Instructor Course" program that Justin Everman (Chief instructor and CEO/founder of the A.C.W.A.) provided. I sent him an email asking about the program and his combative arts and within 15 minutes i received a personally wrote message from Justin with very inspiring comments and a time that he could call me and talk about further training. This instantly resonated with me as I have never seen this personal approach to possible new prospects ever. :) The call that Justin and I had (that day by the way) was spectacular! It was more of the lines of getting to know each other rather than a template of questions to ask me and a "plug" to sell his combative style. In closing i remember him saying "come into the Academy and you will see in 1 class how self defense was really meant to be" This immediately provoked my curiosity so as instructed I came to the free trial class that A.C.W.A offers and my world was completely rocked. Everything i knew about martial arts/ self defense from my past (even though a good base to have) was completely turned upside down by the easy and efficient tool sets that Justin equipped me with to halt opponents in their tracks......from only a 1 hour class!! That day I knew I craved more and that same day Justin accepted me into his Instructor program (which is a must if your looking for the next level of training and dedication). I attended the 2 day instructor program ( 1 week later) and by the end of it (tired and drained) I felt as if I learned more about self defense then I have ever learned in martial arts after years of practicing. Every Thursday, Friday, and Sunday I attend A.C.W.A.'s combative group classes and every time after those classes I have the urge to learn more and test myself even further, and of course (due to the level of training you and your partner can set in class) get a great full body workout. The family atmosphere and "no quit" encouragement you receive during the class are also a fantastic perk :) In short, everything that you THINK you know about martial arts and/or self defense will be seriously rocked and/or PROVEN WRONG if you are deciding to attend the A.C.W.A classes. The immediate family like atmosphere will support you in any walk of life you are in, and will adhere to any needs that you have in regards to self defense. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND any one and everyone to give Justin a call immediately if you're looking for that next/ final level of self defense education!"    Sam C.

"I first came across A.C.W.A. when I was looking for a self defense class that did not revolve around competing. I wanted to learn how to defend myself in the event that I needed to, not just belt up. A.C.W.A is exactly what I was looking for and I would recommend these classes to everyone I know. Justin is immensely knowledgeable and is an excellent teacher. Through practicing this form of selfdefense you will be prepared for whatever situation you may find yourself in, even if that only means possessing an increased awareness of your surroundings."
Lauren H.

"For those looking for diversity, finding a place that trains in more than one form of fighting can be tough. Most places will teach you only judo, boxing, TKD, etc. Training here really shows how it is best to diversify to be prepared for all situations."    Abel K.

"Finally, functional women's self defense! In my time training here, I've changed immensely, both physically and mentally. In watching the classes evolve, I've seen myself evolve as well. I never thought I'd be confident to hold my own in a violent situation, but here I am. I find myself looking forward to the classes each week, not only to see what new thing I'm going to learn, but to see how far we go. I've never left a class disappointed in what I've learned that night. Usually I'm walking out the door amazed at what I've found myself capable of."    
Jamie S.

"Fun, friendly, welcoming and engaging environment! Justin and his teachers do a great job making sure everyone is learning at a comfortable pace all while feeling challenged at the same time. Does a great job balancing different participants size, skill level, experience, age, etc. Highly recommended for anyone interested in fighting or self defense techniques. "    Felix D.

"Justin, the instructor of ACWA, offers practical self-defense methods. Moves and tactics stem from natural defensive reactions that you can utilize right away. This is very different from traditional martial arts that require many hours to learn set forms. Instructor is skilled and knowledgeable in the fighting system and in how to teach it. In addition, his humor keeps students engaged! Highly recommended for beginners and those with extensive fighting backgrounds."  Moses L.

"Since joining the academy I have gained a new sense of confidence. From day one I have learned self defense applications that I could use right away if need be. More so i gained a level of intelligence which enables me to understand how, why, and when to protect myself. Justin is patient, meets every student on their level, and you learn at your pace. At the end of the day its about getting home to the ones that we love. I am about 6'1 and 320lbs. There are women in the class that have no problem bringing me to my knees or throwing me on my back."
Anthony W.

"This is an excellent class that prepares you for unexpected situations. The class always provides you with one on one instruction. I would definitely recommend anyone with a daughter to have her take the class. They teach skills anyone can learn and could save your life. Justin is an excellent teacher and also makes the class enjoyable."     Yvette C.

"Coming from different self-defense/martial arts, I was expecting just another version or style, but I realized its a complete and reliable self defense method that works on different situations and scenarios. Would definitely recommend it to anybody looking to feel comfortable about being able to defend themselves and loved ones."     Oz A.

"If you want to learn how to defend yourself, don't sign up for a martial art, sign up for ACWA. It's simple self defense: no frills, no fluff, and no complicated techniques that you will completely forget under the stress of being attacked. It trains more realistically and much faster than any martial art I've seen and has given me much more confidence in my ability to defend myself. "    Jack W.

"Having no previous experience with any professional fighting styles or martial arts, I was a true beginner when attending my first classes. The first few classes felt a bit strange, as you attempt to articulate and understand your natural reaction tendencies. However, upon understanding how your own body acts and reacts to situations, you learn to use these understandings to your full advantage. The classes are full of diverse people with differing backgrounds and experiences, providing a realistic training environment with room for all skill levels. Having been a student for about a year now, I am truly amazed with the development I have achieved, and especially my increased ability to manage adrenaline and aggressiveness under stress. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to develop their own capabilities of real self-protection, and also those looking for an athletically challenging skill set away from more traditional formalized martial arts."    Steven S.

"While in town for a training conference this week I took advantage of the free class ACWA held at Patriot Protection. These guys are doing it right!!!!! As a veteran LEO working with several different instructors and different disciplines over the years ACWA's objectives are spot on and accurate. They base their training on the Use of Force Continuum and keep the concepts basic for coarse motor skill use during the stress induced moments of confrontation. Kudos to Justin and his staff for the work they are doing. I hope to spend more time with them and learn more. Keep up the good work."    Jeremy C.

"Great self defense instructor for anyone, kids, adults to learn quick self defense. Justin always makes time during each session for one on one instructions and is very good at teaching techniques and tactics."   Jimmy F.

"I found A.C.W.A. on Google, while searching for an alternative to Krav Maga. I wasn't interested in learning all kinds of techniques or memorizing complicated moves that might take years to achieve. I wanted to get some training that was immediately applicable and useful. Justin Everman's classes provide you with tools you can use immediately. Each class gives you another piece of the puzzle. There is no beginning class. You just jump right in. It's actually fun. Justin and the instructors are helpful, kind, and courteous. I was a little hesitant, because I'm older than most of the other students (55+). But, that hasn't been a problem. You take it at your own pace. And can sign up for classes either once or twice a week. Highly recommended!"    Grant M.

"The Instructor was great at explaining the movements and why it is effective. The class is fun and I would definitely recommend it!"    Diana S.

"They offer a complimentary class! I thought I wanted Krav Maga training but I'm so glad I chose ACWA. It's so fun, it's addicting. The class atmosphere is friendly and helpful! Justin and the other coaches are very knowledgeable. You wont regret joining!"    Karissa S.

"My daughter and I currently attend A.C.W.A and love it! It is more than what we expected and everyone is very friendly. We walk out of each instruction feeling like we've learned simple yet effective tools to help protect ourselves. It has really boosted my daughters self confidence as well! I highly recommend these classes for not only adults (men and women), but kids as well."    Christine C.

"Great instructors with the knowledge to convey how to properly defend yourself and feel comfortable doing it. Everyone teaches everyone atmosphere. From the start you can tell it is nothing like a "normal" self defense class or martial art. A very welcoming feel and safe environment that helps you to overcome any doubts you have about self protection and ability. Very glad I joined this group of people and look forward to more training."    Eric N.

"The A.C.W.A is unlike any self-defense training that I have seen. For years I have been looking for self –defense training that would get to the point, while being very useful in real life situations. The closest training that I was interested in was only offered in the military Special Forces. I was immediately interested when I researched A.C.W.A. So I called to further check it out. I was invited for a close up visit. I was impressed with the positive family environment. I became a team member on my first visit because I knew this was where I needed to be. The classes are always mentally challenging. Justin makes learning fun and very effective. Not only am I learning how to defend myself and get home safely. I am also learning life skills that can be applied in every aspect of my life. I highly recommend this to anyone."    Leonard J.

"Violence...we are exposed to it in our favorite crime shows and action movies. We hear tragic stories about horrific acts done to innocent people. Other people. The threat seems so far removed from our everyday lives but that got me thinking; what if one day I'm one of those "other" people? I didn't have the first clue about how to effectively defend myself. It was in that moment that I made a decision to stop living passively in a false sense of security and take control of my own safety. I started training at A.C.W.A. in January of this year and it's been one the best decisions I've ever made! Having never taken a self-defense class before I had no idea what to expect but Justin Everman and his staff are incredibly welcoming, patient and professional. They all have a knack for making what could be intimidating training a whole heck of a lot of fun! The techniques and mechanics are practical and applicable for all ages and all body types/sizes. I always had the impression that because I'm only 5'5" there was no way I could take down anyone taller than me let alone a grown man or heaven forbid more than one attacker. It's only been 5 weeks but what I've learned is that impression is a lie. If you ask yourself: what if one day I'm one of those "other" people? And the answer is anything like mine; I highly encourage you to check out A.C.W.A! You'll be glad you did."
Lindsay F.

"Training in this class has been a life changing experience. It blows my mind all of the situations that could have arisen for which I would have had no response. Why guess how you'd react if you were attacked or had to defend yourself or your loved ones? Get a solid plan. From the first day of class I found that I carried myself differently. Justin is the best instructor I've ever had for anything I've ever tried to learn. Most rote schooling or other classic forms of teaching expect everyone to understand everything the same way. Justin gives you the explanation that YOU understand. I've had more light bulbs go off from his teaching methods in a short amount of time than I've had with years in my other studies. Take this class. Change your life. Get a plan or passively be a victim."    Kenny L.

"If you've ever thought "Someday I should learn how to defend myself just in case"; your someday is now! I signed up because I occasionally like to take a risk and leave my house without a 20 man security team. I was impressed at my very first lesson how easy the training was to grasp and apply in real life situations. No silly uniforms or pumped up egos required. I've continued to train with A.C.W.A. for 4 months now; it's amazing how fun it is to learn a practical skill with them and I enjoy the feeling of safety and confidence I get to carry in life now. The folks running A.C.W.A. are 100% about teaching you real world skills to keep you and your family safe at a very reasonable price. You don't have to walk through life feeling unsafe or worried about being a victim. Learn what to do now."    Drew I.

"After training in multiple systems of both MMA and self defense, I feel that my experience with A.C.W.A. has been the most beneficial. This style of training has both increased my physical abilities and my overall knowledge of my surroundings while adapting to my environment. It can be molded to any person regarding athletic ability, size or experience. In my opinion it supersedes all other styles."    Nick B.

"For years I have wanted to get involved in martial arts for self defense purposes. Most of the classes I checked out either involved huge egos and too much testosterone, or many years of study before anything would be useful (or all of the above). Then I found A.C.W.A. After a single class, I had some new tools I could use to defend myself, and it made sense as to when and why I would use them. A.C.W.A. is intuitive and easy to learn, and it WORKS. It was surprising to learn that someone of my petite size could defend against a 200+ pound man with ease, in many different situations. There's absolutely no ego involved at this academy, either. In fact, Justin's philosophy is "It doesn't matter what I can do, but what YOU can do." The rest of the instructors have this same mindset as well. Individual attention from the instructors is common, to make sure you are comfortable and grasping the material and concepts. If you are looking for a competition sport, this isn't it. But if you are looking for something that will help you get home safe at the end of the day, you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to the Academy of Combative Warrior Arts." Crystal W.

"I've been doing martial arts for several years and I'm usually very picky about the schools that I choose. It normally takes me a month or so to finally make a decision but this time it was fairly easy. The instructors were helpful and knowledgeable. They actually taught real life skills rather than doing the ABC's for several months unlike most of the traditional schools I have joined/taught at. I highly recommend checking out the classes. There a great group of motivated and like minded people."    Richard O.

"I am 37 and have never had any sort of martial arts or self defense training. The training allows you to use instinctive moves in a defensive as well as offensive manner and not to mention, also a great workout. You won't learn fancy kicks or theatrical moves, but what you will learn are powerful tools which are usable and effective on a single as well as multiple attackers. After the first few classes I was confident I could defend myself as well as reverse the roles from being the hunted to becoming the hunter!"    Joe T.

"I believe that the greatest successes are born from having true passion for what you are doing. That passion is exactly what Mr. Everman possesses when it comes to tactical combatives. I truly believe that he eats, sleeps and breathes self defense... and this is the kind of individual that you want instructing. During the time that I was a student in Mr. Everman's class, I learned how to adapt and respond to situations that previously I would have felt helpless in. His program changed the way I approach all aspects of my life, from business to relationships to self defense. Mr. Everman's instruction can be challenging, but it will ultimately allow a student to grow as a person in ways they never imagined possible."
Greg S.

"Self defense is a personal responsibility. There's no guarantee that should you or your loved ones be attacked that someone else will come to the rescue. In fact, if you are attacked chances are it was because the attacker did not believe anyone would assist you. I realized that though I assumed I would fight back I honestly didn't know how. So, I sought out a self-defense course to help me learn how to respond should I have to defend myself or my loved ones. The more I learned the more I wanted to know. That's when I signed up for the full package. The ACWA provides a more comprehensive look at self-defense. I began attending Combative Weapons Systems (which is a weapons oriented component of the larger ACWA program) on Thursdays as well. This has helped me learn not only how to defend against various weapons but also what to do once the tool is in my hands. I have learned that while strength is good, balance is better; quickness is important, but timing is critical. ACWA has helped me prepare for a number of scenarios without forcing me to memorize circumstances. I have been given a number of tools which I can quickly put together based on the specific situation and how my body uniquely moves. Overall, I feel much more confident should a situation arise in which I would need to act. Now, my natural instinct to fight has been coupled with legitimate skill. Those two combined help swing the pendulum back in my direction and give me the ability to turn the would-be predator into prey."    Cameron S.

"Forget the Bruce Lee movies where a kungfu expert flies through the air doing amazing acrobatic feats while beating up the bad guys. Forget Karate Kid where he had to wax a car for hours to learn the blocking motion. Many of us have not been training since we were very young, nor do we have the countless hours it takes to hone a skill like Karate or Tae Kwon Do. This is intuitive, relevant to actual fighting scenarios (not a ring or cage, many attackers vs. only one), easy to learn and easy to execute. Like anything in life, it takes training to perfect. However, after just one class you get the sense that "I can do this! I can really defend myself and/or others like this". It's more than just a defense or fighting method, it's an attitude. A transformation from the sense of always looking over your shoulder to seeking out what could be a threat and immediately knowing what to do about it. From prey to predator. The training is great. The workout is great. The confidence is great. One of the best things I've ever been a part of and, as my post should show, something I vehemently believe in. I challenge you to a single class and see if your attitude toward self defense isn't changed as well."
Craig B.

"I grow more confident every day. This is something anyone can learn! The classes are fun and informative. There's no ego or arrogance, so don't be shy if you've never taken any classes like this before. I started taking classes 3 years ago with absolutely no experience and have been loving it ever since! Everyone should at least try it once. You'll be hooked (;"
Stephanie L.

"A.C.W.A. Combatives builds big ability fast! I was truly impressed at the real world applications and training that come from ACWA! We are trained in scenarios that happen everyday around us, just turn on your six o clock news! A.C.W.A. has benefited me by giving me extreme confidence to handle many real world situations. Being a practitioner and a 1st degree black belt in karate, the strategies, techniques that I learn in ACWA has taken me at least three years to learn in karate, but A.C.W.A. takes it to another level with the ease of learning each and every technique that is natural in movement. The instructors are very friendly, skilled, and want to see the success in all their students. I highly endorse both A.C.W.A. Combatives as your first options in self defense training. It is well worth the investment."    OJ H.

"The thing I like most about the training is Justin's "leave your ego at the door" concept. He is very patient, as are his top students, willing to take the time to go over things until you get it. Training has made me look at situations differently, learning how to take full advantage of what I have, and how to use it effectively. It definitely gets you prepared for most , if not all real world situations, down to wearing everyday apparel to enhance everyday situations. The fitness aspect is there as well, not only are you learning how to defend yourself but its an amazing workout as well."    Jason M.

"These trainings do not require you to spend two years practicing, bowing, and formalizing in order to take something home with you today. Every day you go home with useful knowledge and understand that will help you in the real world, not some Super Duper Challenge Ring, FIGHT! There are no points to be counted, no sparring partner to beat you up. It's just you and other participants like you who are just as eager to learn, practice, and play with the skills that are developed in class."    Nicole G.

"I've wanted to get back into martial arts for years but don't have the time nor desire for a sport martial art. I was eager to learn something applicable to real world encounters, something that could save my life if the unthinkable happens, which is exactly what A.C.W.A. combatives is. A.C.W.A combatives gets you up to speed quickly in teaching you how to protect yourself from real world threats and to get home safely, which is goal number one for everyone. Traditional martial arts tend to stress form over function with endless hours spent learning kata which are vital in testing for grade but maybe half of what you learn might actually be used in a real defense situation with the rest just wasted time and effort. In A.C.W.A. combatives the mechanics are very intuitive, not requiring those endless hours of repetition to train muscle memory since you're moving your body in the natural way it is designed to move. At the same time, you learn how to move your opponent's body in ways theirs is not intended to move, allowing you to negate the threat and extricate yourself from a dangerous situation. Not only is physical preparation covered but mental awareness as well, helping you notice a potential threat as it emerges before any confrontation begins. This way you have a much greater chance of avoiding it but if not, you're now mentally alert and better physically prepared to act. The instructors are all very patient, presenting a wealth of knowledge in teaching the techniques and concepts to the students in a structured and highly interactive environment that is also surprisingly very fun. You'll learn things that can be used from day one, no waiting years to get to the 'good stuff'. A.C.W.A is not boring or rigid as some schools can be, everyone from Justin to his instructors on down to fellow students are genuine, friendly and easy going like minded individuals you'll soon count as friends. I was pleasantly surprised to see a large number of female students in the classes, it's great to see the ladies taking their self protection seriously and investing the time and effort to be better trained and prepared! I've found A.C.W.A. combatives to be the perfect fit for me, there's no tedium in any class because everything taught is readily applicable to a real world defense situation from your first class. No one wants to be involved in a fight but not wanting to be attacked will not stop it from happening. If you're like me and want to learn the most effective means of protecting yourself in a physical confrontation, you owe it to yourself to come and try a class for yourself. I'm confident you will like what you see and experience and you'll find yourself part of our academy, I look forward to meeting and training with you. " Maurice F.

"I attend this school and I really enjoy it and highly recommend it to all, especially us women. I feel we should all learn how to defend ourselves in this crazy world. Please contact the instructors via the website and I promise you will not regret it."    Miriam C.

"Justin and his team of instructors are great. They will answer any questions you may have and work with you to develop the tools that you already have while showing a few that you didn't know about. Unlike traditional schools that might teach you how to protect yourself in several years, here you will learn practical defenses on your very first day. Probably the greatest things about this school are that there are no silly uniforms to wear and no stances to stand in for hours practicing how to block an imaginary opponent from the middle of the 15th century. Here you learn wearing normal clothes practicing against another person. What you will learn here is how to block attackers wielding weapons, fight off attackers from the ground, how to get out of choke holds and how to protect yourself in close quarters situations that we all find ourselves in, like between cars in a parking lot. What you won't learn here is how to break a brick or a board, because really, why on earth do you need to be able to break it unless it is ... They will answer any questions you may have and work with you to develop the tools that you already have while showing a few that you didn't know about. Unlike traditional schools that might teach you how to protect yourself in several years, here you will learn practical defenses on your very first day. Probably the greatest things about this school are that there are no silly uniforms to wear and no stances to stand in for hours practicing how to block an imaginary opponent from the middle of the 15th century. Here you learn wearing normal clothes practicing against another person. What you will learn here is how to block attackers wielding weapons, fight off attackers from the ground, how to get out of choke holds and how to protect yourself in close quarters situations that we all find ourselves in, like between cars in a parking lot. What you won't learn here is how to break a brick or a board, because really, why on earth do you need to be able to break it unless it is attacking you? Oh yeah, there are no competitions and no trophies to earn in this, this is not a sport, this is for real. The only trophy you will get if you ever need to use it is being able to walk away, your attacker, well...he might not be so lucky. Check it out and see for yourself, the first class is free, and there is no pressure to sign up. What do you have to lose? Besides fear."    Peter P.

"I've always been a smaller guy, and any experience I have with self-defense was from observation and self-instruction. My bro kept pushing me to come join and man am I glad I did. I was able to earn my white belt in only a few months, and I genuinely feel like I can better defend myself in a real-life situation. In this style, aspects of body physiology and natural reactions are combined with brutally effective techniques to create a unique style. I love how scientific principles are used to develop these devastating techniques that even folks without a body-builders physique can perform to incredible effect. If you're looking for a martial art to win trophies in competitions, this is not the place for you. If you're looking for a defensive style to give you a good chance of getting out of a bad real-life situation, I can't recommend the A.C.W.A. enough."     Daniel B.

"The A.C.W.A teaches a unique approach to self defense that is easily learned and has real world applications. I never thought I'd be taught to get out of zip tie "hand cuffs" using nothing but shoe laces. Justin's passion for what he teaches makes classes interesting and best of all, fun! Interested in disarming someone with a knife, gun, or even fending off multiple attackers? If so, this is the place for you."    Carlos P.

"Iwas able to explore the knowledge behind some very practical defense techniques in my first class to which I am very much excited to cement and build upon. Much more reality based and more along the lines of what I was interested in. Looking forward to the next class!"    Liz C.

"I have trained at other places before and none compare to this one. Justin is an incredible teacher that will make sure you effectively learn to defend yourself today, instead of years from now. If your looking for the best in practical self defense its right here."    John F.

"The A.C.W.A approach to defense is exactly what I have been looking for! I have studied a few forms of combat and self defense over the years and Justin and his team of instructors have got it down to what it should be. Real life scenarios, well thought out skills, expert demonstration, and plenty of practice. I enjoy every class and always leave feeling like I have a new tool that I can use for my personal defense. Great program and I highly recommend it."    Mike Z.

"This is not the class for you if you want to learn long, useless 'forms', compete for trophies, and identify your ability to defend yourself by your belt color. And it is not going to sculpt your muscles or make your butt tight. What it WILL do is teach you how to quickly extricate yourself from a violent situation quickly and effectively, and stun or hurt your attacker badly enough that you can get away. My teen son is heading overseas for college soon, and my tween daughter is going into middle school. I felt we could all use the skills offered in this class to remove ourselves from harmful intent, and was pleased that we are also being taught how to handle a situation so it doesn't possibly turn violent. The instructors are patient and clear . . . if you want to be safe this is the class to invest in."    Alysen B.

"I recently completed the Green Level Instructor Course at the A.C.W.A. Headquarters in Richardson , TX. After searching for several months for a "Realistic" easy to learn and effective Self-Defense program to incorporate into my own accumulative background and teachings, Justin Everman and the Urban mentality of the A.C.W.A. was a wise and enlightening choice. Justin and his staff were both professional and thorough throughout the entire certification course. I can see a long standing relationship between our two organizations. Thank you Justin for the time and dedication you've sacrificed towards the benefit of others, and more importantly their Safety and Peace of Mind. I highly recommend A.C.W.A. to anyone wanting to learn realistic and urban based self-defense for themselves or family members, empowerment and confidence based on Fact goes along way in today's world."    Roy S.

"I didn't know what to expect. Most places train up to be a MMA fighter, not here and I am glad. I took the free class and half way through i was sucking wind. The format is simple Justin demonstrates and you repeat. The difference is that Justin not only walks around but he interacts with everyone tweaking here and there."    Nick A.

"An amazing experience. It has done wonders for my self-esteem and confidence. Thank you, Justin!! "    Robyn T.

"The self-defense class and its instructor are definitely worth the money! It's been very helpful for "muscle memory" training, and I believe I am better prepared to handle whatever the bad guys want to bring on!"    Tiffany W.

"There is something to be learned every time I attend class, it's very informative, Justin and his team are the best."    Dean B.

"I always thought " bullying is always the thing, i should not be victim of it but instead be captain of it" and thought to learn self defense techniques and when i finally found this academy, on the first day itself, i knew this is the place i am looking for, it has the best instructors who takes care like i have never seen before. I am able to see the difference in my confidence level. Price, Teaching style , Space everything is awesome here. I am indeed excited and looking forward to continue for a very long time."    Anish K.

"I absolutely love these self-defense classes. The instructors are amazing and always connect what you are learning to real-life situations. I am so glad I signed up. I can now walk around knowing that if a situation happened, I would know how to deal with it. I recommend A.C.W.A. to everyone."    Erica E.