From the moment I opened the package, I was struck by how light this tool was as compared to other ASP batons I have used in the past (it’s only 6.7oz vs 13.3oz all steel 16″ batons). Weight was always an issue in the past that would prevent easy daily carry, but no more! To lighten the baton, ASP used 7075 T6 in the handle and the first extension shaft, but the striking surface is all 4041 carbon steel. I think this is a good, light use,  compromise for this type of tool and it’s intended customer and use.

Like all ASP’s, it can be easily deployed with the flick of the wrist and stays open once its open. In fact, initially I had to use what I would call “extreme force” the first few times to close it…but that’s fine by me as I know it won’t accidentally close when I need it! It wore in after a few open/close repetitions and finally stabilized around what I would call acceptable force to close it.

The diameter is also smaller than many traditional foam handled ASP batons. This makes pocket carry in a coat or jeans back pocket, what I prefer, quite easy and comfortable. I find it comfortable enough to be used for EDC (Every Day Carry) purposes and the pocket clip keeps it where you put it. The clip is also movable should you need to configure the position of the tool to the perfect fit. More testing would be needed to know how robust the clip is over time, so the jury is still out on that one, but I like it thus far, but reserve the right to come back and comment more later.

Is this the ULTIMATE ASP….well no, but it’s getting there. For self-defense use, the tool you have on you is better than the one sitting at home and his one would likely be carried for all the reasons I spoke about above. It’s all about compromise…weight for durability, etc…and with only 16″ of reach it’s a close quarters tool, but that’s the trade off you make for the concealability as well (one I’m willing to make for a good EDC tool).


    • Extends from 6.5″ to 16″
    • Adjustable on tool clip
    • Crosstec knurled grip
    • 4140 carbon steel strike surface
    • 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft
    • Friction Loc system
    • Weighs 6.7 oz

NOTE: This tool was graciously provided to us by The Home Security Super Store for review and can be purchased from them by CLICKING HERE