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Situational awareness and how to train it!

Situational awareness and how to train it!

Awareness is one of the most critical skills you can learn here at the A.C.W.A. Self Defense Academy! That might seem odd at first to some of you as you likely expected me to list some physical skill as most critical, but let me explain.

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No Experience

No Problem!

Our programs are designed to work for everyone. No matter if your short or tall, small or big, young or old, the material adapts to you.

We believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones, so come in and see for yourself what you’ve been missing!

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Womens Self Defense Classes

We teach women of all ages what to do in worst case scenarios (dirty fighting – protect yourself at all costs) followed by mindset, awareness, and avoidance techniques.

Urban Escape & Evasion

This pogram offers an unintimidating way to explore answers to otherwise terrifying conditions. It tests real problems that may arise during a kidnapping situation in a safe environment that facilitates the investigation of variable outcomes and solutions.

Instructor Training Program

Martial Arts School Owners, if your looking for a progressive, modern approach to self-defense to add to your school, THIS IS IT!


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