A.C.W.A. – Distance Learning Program

At home video training!

If you want to train reality based self defense, but don’t have access to a certified A.C.W.A. facility in your area, then the Distance Learning Program is the perfect solution for you!

These video clips were filmed at several of our training events and are brought to you live and uncut. We wanted to keep it real for you, no fancy editing just the facts. Transmitting the information in this manner we feel gives you the best feeling of “being there.” We prefer to always keep it real.

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A.C.W.A. Distance Learning Program.

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Description: Cover, Crash, Counter-Attack is a Live Seminar filmed at THE STUDIO night club in Lafayette, Louisiana. Cover mechanics, crashing, movement forwards and backwards, tools to survive a 4 on 1 situation, grabs, human shield concepts and more are covered. No illusions, fancy Hollywood editing or sugar coatings, just real people (bouncers and club owners) learning real concepts. There’s some frank and honest discussions as well that we left in that we think you’ll appreciate.

What will I learn?

  • Situational awareness
  • Understanding the psychology of violence
  • Verbal conflict de-escalation
  • Instinctual personal defense
  • Hand-to-hand solutions w/elbows, hammer fists, palms and other tools
  • Simultaneous multiple attackers
  • Counter grappling and escapes (vertical and ground)
  • Escapes and counters from chest and hand grabs
  • The understanding of bio-mechanics and human nature
  • Amazing scenario based drills
  • Solo drills

What’s included?

  • Weekly video clips/lessons are sent to your email for easy download
  • 24 Weeks of written lesson plans
  • Green Level 9 manual summary
  • Video training clips
  • Essential drills and explanation
  • Weekly Training aids
  • Bonus 1 hr video if you hurry!