Trial Class Offer!

One of my team will be contacting you shortly to get you setup for a trial class with us!

Rear Bear Hug Defense

In the meantime, read this:

If your like 99% of our clients, then you’re “totally new” to the world of self-defense. We often hear “I’ve never done anything like this before” and that’s no issue at all, in fact, it’s perfect.  Having no experience might actually be a benefit to you as you have no bad habits to unlearn! If you have experience on the other hand, then it will be our pleasure to give you even more amazing tools for your toolbox.  Either way, you’re in good hands!

What can I expect from my first class?

  • Expect to have a great time.
  • To feel part of the family from day 1.
  • To have all your questions answered.
  • A safe, professional, EGO free environment!

Who is this for?

  • If you’re serious about learning personal defense then this is for you!
  • This is not for the tire kickers or people just looking for “something free to do.” We are serious about making a difference in our student’s lives and don’t want to waste your time or have you miss the same day signup perks below if you’re not ready to take action just yet.

Trial Class Day sign up perks

  • We wave your $75 startup cost.
  • You can move around in our schedule and make up classes if you miss them.
  • You avoid the waiting list and can start right away

You’re going to love what we have to offer here!