Private Lessons

Customized 1-on-1 training that builds ability and confidence FAST!




Who is this for?

It’s for anyone serious about investing in their personal safety or the safety of their loved ones. This training is perfect for people with busy lives as we can customize the training materials and schedule to meet your needs.

What can I expect?

To get results NOW! Private lessons accelerate your learning up to 60% faster. Since you will be learning at your own rate you don’t have to worry about being pushed too hard, or about getting bored.

Is it expensive?

You get what you pay for in life, same goes with private lessons, no it’s not cheap, but would you really want budget lessons when your safety is on the line? The real question is, what would it cost you NOT to have this life saving training if you ever needed it?

How do I start?

We only take a set number of private clients at any given time. Fill out the application form on this page to request a call to discuss goals, availability, and investment.

“I have trained at other places before and none compare to this one. Justin is an incredible teacher, he will make sure you effectively learn to defend yourself today, instead of years from now. If you’re looking for the best in practical self defense, it’s right here.”   

– John F.

“The training is definitely worth the money! It’s been very helpful for “muscle memory” training, and I am better prepared to handle whatever the bad guys want to bring on!”   

Tiffany W.