Self-Defense & Combatives


Gain the CONFIDENCE you’ve always wanted so you can deal with anything that life throws at you!

We help people, just like you stay safe in today’s world.  More now than ever before, you and your loved ones face new and emerging threats.  It’s for this reason the A.C.W.A. was born!  We’re a non-sport, reality based, self-defense system designed to provide you real solutions to today’s real problems.  Our purpose is not for fighting, but to provide intelligent solutions for dealing with, and extricating from violent situations in as an efficient manner as possible. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with all tools necessary to get home safe!



  • Mindset & Confidence
  • Awareness
  • Conflict De-escalation
  • Verbal & Psychological Tools
  • Reality Based Scenarios
  • Recognizing Pre-assault Cues
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Weapons Use and Disarms
  • Instinctive Personal Defense
  • How to be a Hard Target
  • Intelligent Personal Defense


  • NO Forms or Katas
  • NO Information on Belts
  • NO Unrealistic Training
  • NO Martial Arts Movie Moves
  • NO Sport Fighting



WILL IT WORK IN THE DARK?Many attacks occur in less than ideal lighting, so we must be able to function in this type of environment.  Knowing what to do in low light situations builds confidence in your ability to deal with anything life may throw at you. This is a massive variable that few people train for and is just another way we stand out in the world of reality based personal defense.

WILL IT WORK AGAINST MULTIPLE ATTACKERS?The reality these days is that attacks are seldom 1-on-1. Every situation you train should take this into account no matter if your standing, seated or on the ground.

WILL IT FUNCTION IN THE REAL WORLD?A good program will train you both indoors and outdoors. It should work on any surface (concrete, wet grass, etc…) and in confined spaces (like a stairwell or restroom).

WILL IT WORK UNDER STRESS? If your training does not combine both mental and physical elements, then your not training for a real situation.  The mind drives the body and if freezes up under stress, then no training in the world will save you.  Needless to say, this area of study is essential!

WILL IT WORK AGAINST WEAPONS?No matter if it’s a knife, gun, a stick or a brick, you must take them into account.  We all  live in a weapon oriented world, so we train and understand these variables or we will get beat by them. In the street, expect the other person(s) to be armed!

WILL IT PROVIDE ME USABLE SOLUTIONS?It’s important to be able to respond to a situation with the amount of force necessary to stop the threat and no more.  Staying legal, moral, and ethical in our solutions requires us to have various tools and tactics at our disposal for the different situations we may face.  If not, then every problem looks like a nail and every solution looks like a hammer.

Of course we offer ALL THIS and more. So if your looking for REAL solutions to REAL problems, your search is over.  Contact us today, we are here to help!