“Just Ask” – WORKSHOP

Unlock the secrets to getting more from everything you do in life!

Every day there are opportunities that most of the world simply misses. These missed opportunities cost you money, time, status, even relationships. This is exactly why we created the “JUST ASK” WORKSHOP.

This workshop is about giving you the cutting edge verbal tactics & tools to help you confidently communicate and get more from every conversation you have! Get ready to change your life, destroy the fears holding you back, and open doors that you once thought impossible to open!


“It’s Like Having A Super Power”


  • Learn the skills to navigate complex verbal situations and gain the confidence/ability to say what needs to be said to get the results YOU want. Just imagine what it will be like when you no longer have to “accept” what life gives you. Instead, you can be the captain of your ship and have the tools to navigate waters that others would not even dream possible.
  • GET MORE – One application of these tools is to know how to ask for win-win deals and discounts which will save you considerable money. Often this section alone is worth many times the cost of the program in what you can save!
  • How to make it safe to talk about almost anything and bring a dead conversation back to life.  This is perfect for managers or those in sales who are having trouble reaching a client or even “complex” relationships between loved ones.
  • Gain the ability to ethically influence others and turn nearly any situation into a win-win for you both in relationships and financially.
  • Strategy and contingency plan training that helps you understand not only how to plan, but how to look at things differently when life does not go exactly to that plan.




  • Open Group Training – We organize small groups throughout the year who are interested in learning these skills. People join us from all walks of life and from every background you can imagine.
  • Private Group Training – We offer this option for teams and private business groups.
  • Private VIP Training – If you prefer to work 1-on-1 that can be easily arranged. This can be done in person or online depending on your particular needs and geographic location.

NOTE: This workshop is approximately 8 hours in duration, but can be broken up and presented in blocks depending on the clients needs.


From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, and individuals, we can help! To learn more, fill out the form on this page or simply call us to today at: 469-939-2462.

Google Reviews!

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say!

Through my training with Justin Everman and Tactical Conversations, I landed 3 job offers in one day. I learned not only the skills needed to connect with the person on the other side of the table putting us on the same team, but also, how to ensure the strongest deal possible was created for us both. Many negotiations tactics have the potential to burn bridges after the deal is done. Working with Tactical Conversations means you know how to create deals that forge lasting partnerships. I would recommend it for everyone I know.”

– Lauren H.

“I recently attended the Tactical Conversations workshop led by Justin Everman. This was one of the more beneficial events I have experienced, both professionally and personally. I learned numerous tactics that have already been executed with great success. On a larger scale, the course helped me finally achieve some long-term career goals. I used the skills Justin taught to speak with my boss about job performance and contract negotiations. The conversation resulted in a promotion and a generous scheduling change in my favor.”

– Destiny W.

“Thank you so much for an amazing workshop yesterday. The information you presented was invaluable. It is clear that you have put years of experience, thought and real-world facts and studies into this curriculum. As a teacher, I appreciated the flow of the class. I liked how you broke up the information with brain breaks as well as examples and exercises. It was very helpful in retaining the information. In addition to that, I appreciated the creativity of the presentation. I also valued the role play section of the class, and intend to continue the conversation and work on ways I can apply these principles in my everyday life.”

– April K.

“This training was provided in a way where I feel I was able to take away not just sales tactics but great base ideas around communicating with people in general. I have a different outlook now on communication and it’s providing positive personal results. I recommend this for anyone.”

– Ben C.

“It was a nice mix of lecture and application and one of the big take aways for me was simply the idea to “Just ask”.  So often, we go through our days, and we don’t ask the tough questions of the people around us or miss out on opportunities to reach for a better solution.”

– Eric A.

 Tactical conversations is an incredible dive into combining social psychology with tactical strategy. It not only has helped me in getting discounts here and there but it has helped me to better communicate in the workplace and in interpersonal relationships”

– Caroline H.

“Asking questions can be powerful, knowing HOW to ask questions is pivotal. The training offered by Tactical Conversations in the “Just Ask” workshop is a game changer.

In this one day interactive presentation, I learned that being a successful negotiator or communicator isn’t just about being a smooth talker, it’s about understanding HOW to navigate and lead conversation. The tools revealed in this presentation helped transform my life by teaching me HOW to harness communication skills for success in just about any conversation. 

 The biggest win is knowing HOW to ask questions and communicate with boosted confidence. BIG thanks to Justin Everman for being an incredible teacher and creating a workshop that engages, challenges, and prepares attendees to seek opportunities for practical wins in everyday life.”

– Lindsay F.

“In three simple words about the Tactical  Conversations  Workshop…


Listen, if you’re a person who ever finds themself in a situation in which you need to talk to other people, well, this class is for you.

Someone once said to me, “ In one way or another, EVERYTHING  in life is form of negotiation! ”

I don’t care if you’re negotiating bedtime for your 6 year old daughter, the purchase of a new car, a refund for a delivered cold restaurant meal, a real estate deal, a high dollar business transaction or any type of life situation where the use of words is the method by which the information is shared.

Tactical Conversations will put you in control and give you the tools needed to achieve your desired outcome.

During the workshop, I couldn’t write fast enough to take all of the notes that I wanted to record.  After running out of the ability to write and then attempting to take photos of the slide presentation, I’ve decided the best option is to just simply take the class again. It’s that good.”

– Darren C

“Tactical Conversation was an excellent course that thoroughly covers a wealth of practical skills that can be used in a wide variety of real-life situations.

From professional communications to verbal confrontations, this course provided me with confidence in my ability to communicate effectively and always end up with both parties in a better place than where we started.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn in-depth ways to improve your charisma and presence in any setting.”

– Joseph R.