Urban Crisis Survival Training

Practical ways to prepare for natural disasters and emergency situations.

If the worst happened tomorrow, would you have water, food, supplies or even the “know how” to survive?

Join us for 3hrs of Live Virtual Urban Crisis Survival Training (U.C.S.T.) classes and get some practical advice about what you can do today to give you the most options for tomorrow. Remember, emergencies don’t care about your plans!

NO CRAZY, COSTLY, OVERBOARD STUFF, just what you need to know to protect and provide for yourself and those you love.


What to expect:

  • Simple, low cost, solutions
  • Why “bugging out” is a bad idea
  • Long-term food storage
  • Using a rocket stove
  • Building a solid state heat source
  • Purifying/storing water
  • Car get home bag demo
  • Learn to cook without power
  • We will cover security concerns
  • What you should never barter
  • The Greyman Protocol
  • Much much more…

The Choice is Yours:

You’re now at a crossroads. To the left you see struggle, it’s the same rocky path you’re currently on. To the right you see a different path, one with solutions, training, and time saving opportunities.

Choose the right path and join us as we not only give you practical solutions that you can use at home, but answer your questions live as well.

Get a pen and paper ready, you’re going to need it!


Reserve Your Spot:

  • 3hr, live or virtual training class
  • Price just $549 one time payment
  • Price good for up to 3 people max
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