Seminars & Workshops



We offer several different seminar and workshop options depending on your particular needs. Click on any of the options below for more information on that seminar topic.

Awareness & Basic Self Defense

In this 2 hour event you will learn both verbal and physical responses to personal defense situations. We will cover mental, verbal, and physical defense situations.  This is our most popular option and we have taught it over 1000’s of time’s here locally to private parties and businesses alike!


Awareness & Verbal Defense

Safety is about layers… That means prevention is always the best means of defense when possible. In this event you will learn what to look for and and what to look out for to avoid violence.  We will discuss how to make yourself a harder target and some simple, non contact tools you can use to keep yourself safe.


Corporate Defense

From professional organizations and large corporations to church groups and realtors, we can help. We offer custom seminar and workshop solutions depending on your groups particular needs. Training can be customized to meet your groups particular needs and requirements.  


Tactical Conversations

This program is about giving you the mental and verbal tactics & tools to help you deal with any type of verbal conflict and to communicate more effectively.  This in turn WILL change your life, destroy the fears holding you back and open doors for you that you once thought impossible.


Preventing Social Engineering

This 1 hour event will teach your team How to Identify and Avoid Social Engineering Scams. Learn what to look for and what measures you should put in place when a threat is detected!


Urban Escape & Evasion

It’s time to give our kids the confidence they need to deal with the real world out there. It’s time to give them the right physical and mental tools so they won’t be picked on by other kids or picked out as a target by a predator! If you’ve been looking for something different…